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Organizing your Family Assets - Lawyer in Paris

Matrimonial Property & Prenuptial agreements in France

Matrimonial property & prenupts

You will find that a lawyer's advice and input on this matter will allow you to fully cover all bases and create a prenuptial agreement that will be best for you and your future spouse.

Expert legal advice should also be sought when a foreigner court is considering a French prenuptial agreement or when a French court is considering a foreigner prenuptial agreement.

International Inheritance & Wills

Inheritance & wills

If the deceased was a resident in France French law will apply to all his worldwide assets. If the deceased was not a resident, French law will apply to all real estate he owned in France.

There are specific issues in French law which require a lawyer's advice and assistance.

For instance, your children are specifically protected from being disenfranchised from the inheritance. That's what we call the « réserve »