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Exequatur & Transcription Lawyer in Paris

Marriage or divorce abroad ? Exequatur or verification process ?

On your return to France, it is necessary to hire an international lawyer dedicated to enforcement procedures (exequatur) and transcriptions.

The international law firm nht has international experience. The French law firm can help you enforce your foreign decision in France.

A divorce or an adoption pronounced abroad is usually automatically recognized in France.

If the marriage was celebrated abroad, the Prosecutor of the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Nantes has jurisdiction, as long as the foreign marriage was previously transcribed by the diplomatic or consular authority on French civil status certificates.

Exequatur is however required if you need a specific execution of the decision, for instance if you have to collect child’s support or a compensatory allowance. Enforcement became necessary.

The international law firm nht located in Paris can assist you.

Set Fees start from 500 euros without VAT.