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Child's custody - Lawyer in Paris

Child's custody and visitation rights in France

Child´s custody and visitation rights

Legal custody involves the right of the parents to make decisions regarding their children's health, education and welfare. Generally, both parents are awarded joint legal custody. In the rare instance where a court will order something less than joint legal custody, there must be a showing that one of the spouses is either an unfit parent, or otherwise incapable of making decisions regarding their children's welfare.

Physical custody refers to the living arrangement of the children. If the children spend an equal amount of time with both parents, then the parents will be deemed to have joint physical custody. If the children spend the majority of their time with one of the parents, that parent will be deemed to have primary physical custody and the other parent will have visitation rights.

Court ordered custody arrangements may always be modified by a showing of changes circumstances. A court will modify an order based on the children's best interest.